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Entrancing electronica 🤖

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Entrancing electronica 🤖
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Some artists have a masterful ability to replicate a sound across a wide range of tracks. That sound can, if done well, translate into a feeling of intense, relaxed focus.

The album cover for All That Must Be
The album cover for All That Must Be
I actually discovered George Fitzgerald through his collaboration project with Lil Silva called OtherLiine. Their eponymous EP is something which I will write about another time.
All That Must Be echoes much of the same sentiment which OtherLiine tries to evoke, but in a more ethereal, entrancing and emotional manner.
What are my thoughts?
From the electronica-powered collaborative Outgrown with Bonobo or The Echo Forgets to the more pop-infused tracks like Half-Light and Roll Back, George Fitzgerald’s second studio album is a delight to listen to.
It provides just the right amount of 4x4 beats and electronic rhythm to keep you focused in your work and emotional vocal tracks to give you moments of reprieve. My personal favourite? Burns. It takes you on a journey across vast open digital plains, and was most notably remixed by another favourite artist of mine – Lane 8.
A headshot of George Fitzgerald
A headshot of George Fitzgerald
What do the critics say?
The album was consistently named in the Top Albums of 2018 by Mixmag, Esquire, PopMatters and Magnetic. The overwhelming consensus is that the album is a feat of quality producing and songwriting.
Who knew electronic music could evoke feelings, even in such a rugged and psychedelic arrangement of synthesisers and pads.
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