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Ethereal soundscapes make for deep work

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Ethereal soundscapes make for deep work
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Sometimes a little soothing electronica can be a good thing. Lately, I’ve been enjoying combining this with some soft vocals to make for a perfect marriage.

The album cover for Suddenly by Caribou
The album cover for Suddenly by Caribou
I tend to sit on the fence when it comes to producers like Jon Hopkins or Bonobo. Whilst I respect their talents as musicians tremendously, I’ve never quite caught onto it.
Caribou’s album, Suddenly, is the exception to this. It’s a delicate and balanced mix of pop and electronica, making it accessible to a broader public rather than just die-hard bleep-bloop fans.
It has accompanied me well over the past few weeks whilst plodding through documents or writing emails – keeping me wholly engrossed and focused in a soundscape of ambient bliss.
What are my thoughts?
From the iconic Never Come Back, to the breakbeat sample-heavy Home and the frankly-named Filtered Grand Piano, the album takes you on an audible journey across distant mountains and tender lakeshores.
There’s just enough rhythm and stimulation to keep your mind engaged in your work, all the while levelled out with electronic ambience which fills the void between.
Caribou, 2019. Credit: Thomas Nekum
Caribou, 2019. Credit: Thomas Nekum
What do the critics say?
After nearly 20 years, the Canadian producer retains his weirdness on a progressive, enchanting treat of an album
Thomas Smith, NME
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