The delicate tones of Archaellum



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The delicate tones of Archaellum
By Unsound • Issue #3 • View online
Lane 8’s label, This Never Happened, continues to move from strength to strength with this short and stunningly beautiful debut EP by newcomers Archaellum.

The album cover for Reflections by Archaellum
The album cover for Reflections by Archaellum
At first glance, this 3 track EP seems too short to be true. However, This Never Happened has a habit of releasing high quality discographies from relatively unknown artists that barely span the 3 track mark. I think of Massane’s incredible trio of EPs as part of his Visage project.
Archaellum is a collaboration between Hexlogic (a This Never Happened alumni) and Felt Habit. Their debut EP takes you on a subtle, but pensive journey through the keys of a gentle piano.
What are my thoughts?
Although shorter EPs leave you hungry for more, their brevity can often be a welcome distraction from the meatier EPs and albums found out there in the wild.
Reflections takes you on a musical trip across distant lakes and across sprawling mountains with an ever-present piano gently caressing your ear drums from Reflections to Last Glow and finally to Deluge.
Each track exudes more and more melancholy and harks back to a time where things were far simpler – a great background track for a short and intense piece of deep work.
An artist headshot from Archaellum's Soundcloud profile
An artist headshot from Archaellum's Soundcloud profile
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